Bin Liner Size Guide

Which waste bag fits my bin?

How often do we stand in front of the bin liners shelf in the supermarket and think: Which size should I take? How big is my bin? Is the waste bag too big, too small? Sometimes it's hard to judge what the volume of the bin is. There are so many waste bins and waste bags! It is also necessary to use the right bag for it, depending on the type of waste.

Find the right waste bag!

We want to help you find the right partner for your bin! Because we know that every home is different. Depending on your needs, you can find the right bin liner for your bin here, in our BIOMAT® Shop.

Waste Bags Size Chart

In our bin liner size chart, you will see in the first row the different waste bins with the corresponding capacity. Below, the compostable bin liners and bin liners are listed according to size, material and intended use.

The waste bags and bin liners have a capacity of 7 litres to 240 litres.


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Airbox Biomülleimer 10 Liter

Eimer 60 Liter

Eimer 80 Liter

Biotonne 120 Liter

Restmülltonne 240 Liter

  Based on maize starch

Bioabfallbeutel 10 Liter Kompostierbare Abfallsäcke 60-80 Liter Kompostierbare Abfallsäcke 60-80 Liter Biomüllsäcke 120 Liter Bio Müllsäcke 240 Liter


With handle: 420 x 440 mm
without handle: 440 x 500 mm

610 x 800 mm

810 x 1100 mm 880 x 1300 mm 1100 x 1450 mm

Made of kraft paper

Papierbeutel Papiersaecke 120l Papiersäcke 240l


7 Liter: 190 + 140 x 230 mm
8 Liter with handle: 220 + 140 x 260 mm

750 x 250 x 1150 mm 870 x 350 x 1200 mm

Particularly suitable for

Organic waste in the kitchen Residual waste and organic waste Residual waste and organic waste Organic waste, residual waste, recyclables and green waste 

Organic waste, residual waste, recyclables and green waste

Compostable and biodegradable certified according to EN 13432

Made in the EU

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